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The advantages of J suffix Sensorsoft devices:

•These devices can be port powered or powered from an external AC-DC adapter using the available 2.1 mm power jack.
•On some computers and terminal servers, port powering may not be possible due to the fact that DTR/RTS is not provided, or cannot be asserted, or in rare cases the computer's RS232 drivers (i.e. SGI Origin) are not robust enough to supply the minimal voltage (see specifications) that the Sensorsoft device requires. In these situations the Sensorsoft device can be powered through its 2.1 mm power jack.
•Can be wired into UTP system with same wire map and connectors as Ethernet-TP.
 •A wider variety of modular cable types (see Cables) exist for operating these Sensorsoft devices from terminal/device servers, SPARC computers and multi-port serial cards.
•Sensorsoft devices can be easily swapped out or exchanged at device end. Sensorsoft based software can then automatically re-discover the new device without user intervention.

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