2X AtTaq Mastermix (HotStart - 100 reactions)

2X AtTaq Mastermix (HotStart - 100 reactions)
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2X At Taq Master Mix is an optimized ready-to-use 2X concentrated DNA amplification mixture containing At Taq DNA Polymerase, reaction buffer, dNTPs and MgCl2. It contains all the components required for routine DNA amplification, except template and primers. At Taq DNA polymerase is a complex of specific anti-Taq monoclonal antibody with top quality thermostable Taq DNA Polymerase for automatic “Hot Start” amplification, resulting in greatly improved amplification specificity, sensitivity and yield.


  • Saves time and reduces contamination due to reduced number of pipetting steps
  • Stable at 4°C for 6 months, allowing immediate reaction setup without the time consuming thawing of reagents
  • Suitable for all routine DNA amplification applications
  • Amplification with enhanced specificity, sensitivity and yield
  • Amplification with reduced artifacts, such as primer-dimer formation and mispriming in multiplex amplification

At Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPS Mix, MgCl2 and stabilizers

Supplied With

  • 1 tube of 50mM MgCl2, 1ml
  • 3 tubes of Nuclease Free Water, 1ml

Quality Control
All preparations are assayed for contaminating endonuclease, exonuclease, and non-specific DNase activities. Functionally tested in DNA amplification.

Storage & Stability

  • Stable at -20°C for 18 months or at 4°C for 6 months if properly stored
  • Stable for 20 freeze-thaw cycles. To avoid frequent freeze-thaw, keeping small aliquots at -20°C is recommended
  • For daily use, keeping aliquots at 4°C is recommended

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PLMM02 2X At Taq Master Mix 100 applications

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2X At Taq Master Mix

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