SCOM Ver 8.0 for Linux

SCOM Ver 8.0 for Linux
Brand: Sensorsoft
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Sensorsoft SCOM is an inexpensive software tool for UNIX/LINUX administrators and web developers - allowing them easy access to serial devices and sockets without writing C programs.

  • write scripts for any serial peripheral
  • simplify access to serial ports and sockets
  • no C programming required
  • special support for email, paging, cameras and Sensorsoft Devices
  • share or access serial devices on TCP/IP
  • uses lock files for compatibility

It provides the capability for controlling, testing and monitoring almost any serial device. Deployed directly from command line or through shell or PERL scripts, Sensorsoft SCOM has been used with modems, terminals, plotters, automatic test equipment, printers, bar code wands/scanners, CD-ROM jukeboxes, EPROM programmers, data acquisition units, pagers and network cameras.

Not all of the parameters of the termio structure can be accessed by the UNIX stty and read commands. Sensorsoft SCOM was created to overcome this, without the need for C programming or an understanding of UNIX termio/stty parameters. It allows a bullet-proof way to open, configure, send data and receive responses from serial devices, using shell or PERL languages.


A number of option settings and features make Sensorsoft SCOM convenient to use;

  • bit rates 50-115200 bps (SOLARIS VERSION to 460,800 bps)
  • parity and number of data bits (even,odd,none and 7,8)
  • flow control (RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF or NONE)
  • number of response lines to receive from the device
  • line terminating character to expect from the device
  • line terminating character to append to the command string
  • number of seconds to wait for device response before exiting
  • monitor mode - display received control characters (ie. <NULL> <CR> <LF> )
  • probe mode - display received bytes in hexadecimal (ie. <0FFh> <0FAh> )
  • dump file to port - useful for flash programming upgrades & plotting
  • exit on special received character
  • specify custom lock file name or directory
  • control DTR/RTS lines (some versions)
  • support for Sensorsoft Devices
  • send email to SMTP servers (some versions)
  • include attachment with email mode using built-in MIME encoding (some versions)
  • send text messages to pagers and cell phones using SMS-TAP protocol support
  • capture images from Axis 2XXX series Network Cameras (some versions)
  • connect to serial devices on terminal/device servers
  • share serial devices on a TCP/IP network with scomd

Special support for Sensorsoft® protocol devices

Sensorsoft SCOM implements the same plug and go acrobatics when accessing Sensorsoft Devices, as our Windows software. Many of our customers are pleasantly suprised to find how trouble-free this software is compared with other UNIX software they have installed and tried. Customers who use SCOM and Sensorsoft devices can also benefit from prewritten monitoring scripts that are easy to install:

  • runs in background and can be stopped by a signal
  • allows user to sets desired alarm levels
  • records measurements or readings to log file with time/date stamp
  • sends message to administrator's console
  • sends alarm message to pagers and e-mail
  • control Sensorsoft Relay contact closure

Sensorsoft SCOM can coexist with other UNIX software that uses the lock file convention, preventing compatibility problems. Detailed manual pages and sample shell scripts provide complete instructions on how to use this useful tool to solve your serial device problems. SCOM is available for SCO OpenServer UNIX, SCO UnixWare, Solaris on SPARC, Solaris on INTEL, SGI IRIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD and LINUX.

What you get with the Sensorsoft SCOM Serial Communications Tool:

  • SCOM Client Tool
  • SCOM Server Tool
  • Detailed man pages in HTML format
  • Tested scripts and setup files to solve common serial device problems
  • CGI written in PERL for displaying Sensorsoft Device readings on your website

Order Sensorsoft SCOM today and put an end to your serial device problems, without writing C programs or understanding socket/termio/stty parameters.



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