Sensorsoft Humidity / Temperature meter with built in cable

Sensorsoft Humidity / Temperature meter with built in cable
Brand: Sensorsoft
Product Code: SS6610C
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Measures relative humidity (0 and 100 % RH) and temperature (-40 C and +60 C, -40 F to +140 F) with improved resolution. Suited for monitoring rooms or warehouses. Includes integrated 6m (20 ft.), colour matched serial communications cable (C suffix) with molded DB-9F connector. Requires host software - not included.

User Manual

Range Temp: -40 ºC to +60 ºC (-40 ºF to +140 ºF) with internal sensor (NIST traceable if ordered with certificate). RH: 0 to 100 % RH (NIST Traceable)
Precision Temp: 0.5 ºC or 0.1 ºC, RH: 0.1 % RH and 1 % RH
Accuracy Temp: +/- 0.5 ºC over 0 ºC to +70 ºC, +/- 1 ºC over remainder of temperature range. RH: +/- 3 % RH between 10 % RH to 90 % RH and +/- 5 % RH below 10 % RH and above 90 % RH
Humidity Long Term: < 90% RH (non-condensing)
Max Measuring Rate one reading every second
Comms Connector integrated 6 m (20 ft.) cable with DB-9F (female) mini D-SUB connector
Communication Interface RS232 using TX,RX,RTS,DTR and GND. One device per serial port
Max Comms Cable Length 305 m (1000 ft.) using recommended cable type. Low capacitance shielded cable or UTP is recommended.
Communications Protocol Sensorsoft Device Protocol (SSDP) Version 2.1
Error Control 16 bit CRC (cyclic redundancy checking) for detection of communication errors between this device and host
Power Source Port-powered (RTS and or DTR asserted)
Power Supply Current Drain 2 mA average, 6 mA maximum when port powered (5V RS232)
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