Sensorsoft Input Contact Module

Sensorsoft Input Contact Module
Brand: Sensorsoft
Product Code: SS6402J
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This boolean device can detect a dry-contact closure from a door sensor, UPS, diesel generator or other equipment. It has an RS232 RJ45 modular communications jack (J suffix) connector. Requires C200X modular cable and host software - not included.

Range Operating temperature/humidity range: 0 º C to +60 º C (32 º F to +140 º F) and < 90% RH (non-condensing)
Max Measuring Rate one reading every second
Input Input amplifier detects resistance across input jack (2.1mm). Resistances from 0 to 15K ohm produce CLOSED condition in software. Resistance above 15K ohm produce OPEN condition in software.
Comms Connector 8 position modular jack, (accepts 8 position plug RJ45)
Communication Interface RS232 using TX,RX,RTS,DTR and GND. One device per serial port
Max Comms Cable Length 305 m (1000 ft.) using recommended cable type. Low capacitance shielded cable or UTP is recommended. Firmware Version: 5.24
Communications Protocol Sensorsoft Device Protocol (SSDP) Version 2.0 and Version 3.0. For software that supports only Version 2 of the protocol a polling method is used. For software that supports Version 3 of the protocol a real-time method is used.
Error Control 16 bit CRC (cyclic redundancy checking) for detection of communication errors between this device and host
Power Source Port-powered (RTS and or DTR asserted)
Power Supply Current Drain <10mA
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