Sensorsoft Alert 4-Port Appliance

Sensorsoft Alert 4-Port Appliance
Sensorsoft Alert 4-Port Appliance Sensorsoft Alert 4-Port Appliance
Brand: Sensorsoft
Product Code: SSA7004
Price: £500.00

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Sensorsoft Alert is a standalone network appliance that allows you to protect equipment and products that might be damaged by undesired environmental conditions. Sensorsoft Alert can use the complete series of Sensorsoft devices to monitor temperature, humidity, flooding, power loss and dry contacts. Using built-in Sensorsoft Plug-in technology, Alert can support most any third party serial device*. Sensorsoft Alert can be managed from a web browser or SNMP management software. It operates as a standalone appliance that collects and displays sensor readings, logs data, and most importantly - alerts your staff when environmental conditions become unacceptable.

User Manual

•Protect computing and telecom equipment
•Prevent spoilage or damage to frozen or perishable goods
•Monitor and log for quality control applications
•Early warning ability for unexpected changes

General Features
•Embedded web server for web-based management - click here to see demo
•Manageable through SNMP via an easy to use MIB
•Alert actions include Email, SNMP Traps, control of relays, and camera image capture
•Two destinations can be defined for the SMTP servers and SNMP traps allowing mission-critical redundancy
•Custom configuration of alerting thresholds for warning, critical and back to normal states
•Compatible with our complete line of NIST traceable Sensorsoft devices
•Sensor data can be graphed via an integrated web-based graphing tool
•Sensor data log interval is selectable to span days or months
•XML output allows live data to be exported to external applications
•Password protected web accounts for Administrator and Read-only User
•Integrates seamlessly with Remote Watchman Enterprise for management of units across your enterprise
•Records all alerting history in web-viewable log files
•Autonegotiating 10/100 RJ-45 Ethernet Interface
•Low power consumption - draws less than 3 watts (5 Vdc @ 0.6 amp max)

Key Features that Differentiate Us
•Sensorsoft devices are port-powered and can be connected with CAT 5 cabling up to 1000 ft. away
•Auto-detects Sensorsoft devices allowing for “plug and play” operation
•NFS mount capability allows logs of unlimited size
•Sensorsoft Plug-in technology allows you to monitor almost any serial device*

Security Features
•Password protected login
•Two levels of access permissions - Administrator or Read-only user modes
•User defined web server port
•Secure Shell (ssh) login allows privacy for critical admin functions

Minimum System Requirements
•TCP/IP LAN or Internet connection is required for web, SNMP and email alerts
•SMTP compliant mail server, if email alerts are required
•Network Management software or tools, if management through SNMP is required
•Web browser



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