Environmental Monitoring

A range of Environmental Monitoring Solutions from Senorsoft

Sensorsoft designs and manufactures products for monitoring critical systems used in the commercial business (B2B) market place. Our software and sensors permit customers to be alerted before problems arise thus saving them time, money and frustration. Sensorsoft's selection of sensors and accessories can be used to measure or detect temperature, humidity, flooding, power availability, dry-contact closures and much more. Most of our products are manufactured in Mississauga, Canada, some with robotic assembly, using raw materials we source from the USA and Japan. These sensors can be connected to a wide variety of machines using RS232, USB, ethernet, WiFi and 3G/4G cellular. Our monitoring solutions are used world-wide in applications that include:-

•Telecom, server and equipment rooms
•Refrigerators/freezers used in hospitals and blood banks
•Cold chain storage
•Nationwide hotel facilities
•Live outdoor temperature readings used by TV broadcasters
•Digital signage for advertising and public information systems
•Monitoring systems for high-end yachts and navy boats/subs
•Pharma, biological and cryogenic labs

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