• Sensorsoft Power Failure Sensor

The Sensorsoft Power Failure sensor is great way to get early detection when your site has a power failure and or is running on a backup power source (UPS battery, diesel generator).

With this product you can be alerted* immediately when power fails or comes back. The SP6400J and mains power adapter form a complete power availability detector that can be used with various software and appliances for email and SMS alerting:
•Sensorsoft Remote Watchman Enterprise (RWME) software
•Sensorsoft .NET component for Developers
•Sensorsoft Alert appliance

Sensorsoft has been manufacturing Power Failure sensor products since 1999.


Max Measuring Rate
Comms Connector
Communication Interface
Max Comms Cable Length
Communications Protocol
Error Control
Power Source
Power Supply Current Drain
External Power Supply Voltage

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Sensorsoft Power Failure Sensor

  • Brand: Sensorsoft
  • Product Code: SS6400J
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £150.00

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