• Remote Watchman Client

The Remote Watchman product line is software that allows you to control and monitor remote environments using your Windows based computer and various Sensorsoft protocol devices. It provides a low cost way for your computer to keep watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the freedom to do whatever you need, without worry.

Sensorsoft takes Remote Watchman a step further by adding TCP/IP capability and email alerts in Remote Watchman Client. With Remote Watchman Client your PC can display live measurements and readings on screen, log data to a file with a time/date stamp and most importantly - alert you with text messages to your pager, digital phone or e-mail when environmental conditions become unacceptable. This software runs as a visual application. If you need software that runs as a Windows service please see our Sensorsoft RWME (Enterprise) software.

Remote Watchman Client can be used to access sensors on COM ports, network connected sensors on Lantronix Device Servers or various terminal servers and Windows computers running Remote Watchman Device Server software.

User Manual

•Protect computing and telecom equipment
•Prevent spoilage or damage to frozen or perishable goods
•Monitor and log for quality control applications
•Early warning ability for unexpected changes

•Monitor up to sixteen (16) different Sensorsoft devices on serial ports
•Access an unlimited number of Sensorsoft devices on device servers, and Windows machines running Remote Watchman Device Server
•Bring live sensor information to your desktop over TCP/IP LAN or Internet, simply by entering an IP address/domain name and TCP port number
•Plug and go support for all Sensorsoft devices - no setup required
•Momentary TCP connection method prevents domination of sensor (allows multiple Remote Watchman Client nodes for mission critical redundancy)
•Access sensor readings and log files using an integrated web server
•Quickly add multiple software instances for additional sensors
•Alerts can launch command lines and control relay contacts
•Multiple user-defined event thresholds include - warning, critical, boolean, return to normal (non-alert state), retry (sensor disconnected) and scheduled (day and time)
•E-mail alerts are sent using the SMTP protocol
•Pager alerts can be sent to alphanumeric/numeric devices using industry standard TAP protocol or DTMF services (numeric only)
•Paging uses an inexpensive AT command compatible modem (not included)
•On-screen visual alerts and audio alerts
•Log files are stored in ASCII (text) delimited format with time/date stamp for simple export to MS-Excel or other graphing software

Minimum System Requirements
•OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
•CPU: Intel Pentium II 300 MHz processor or higher
•RAM: 8 Mb per instance
•Hard Disk Space: 8 Mb for libraries and 1 Mb per instance (not including log files). Installation program will take at least 25 MB of free space.
•CD-ROM drive
•Modem is required if paging is used. Support for U.S. Robotics Sportster, Practical Peripherals, Hayes and Hayes compatible
•TCP/IP LAN or Internet connection is required (only if e-mail alerting is required or remote sensors are used)
•TCP/IP Services must be installed
•SMTP compliant mail server, if email alerts are required
•Web Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer is recommended)
•16 Bit sound card and speakers are required if audio alerts are required


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Remote Watchman Client

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