• nexttec 1-step DNA Isolation Kit for Blood (10ul) - cleanColumns

nexttec 1-Step Products

nexttec™ 1-Step DNA Isolation Systems are available for:

  • Tissue & Cells with various special protocols
  • Bacteria (gram + & gram -)
  • Blood (fresh or frozen),
  • Plant (seed, leaves with or without homogenization)
  • Plasmid DNA from E. coli.

Selection of the Advantages using nexttec™ 1-Step Purification:

  • Extremely time saving (up to 10 times faster than the market leader).
  • Only one centrifugation step at 700 × g or 1 min vacuum (regulation of the vacuum is not necessary).
  • Nearly loss-free DNA preparation from small amounts of starting materials (80-90%DNA recovery) e.g. forensic application.
  • Avoiding of waste (disposals and chemicals).
  • Ready to use kits without dangerous chemicals.
  • No expensive equipment needed for purification in 96-plate format (e.g. “high throughput” at the workbench with the nexttec™ cleanVac96 for 10 *96 plates purifications in one hour after lysis).
  • Easy adaption in all robotic systems with vacuum or centrifugation unit (max. 700 x g).

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nexttec 1-step DNA Isolation Kit for Blood (10ul) - cleanColumns

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